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KASS offers a wide range of panel processing services that provide comprehensive solutions of unmatched quality and efficiency.

Employing a dedicated team of experienced designers and professional operators, that rely on the most advanced machines, tools, and software, KASS allows its customers to reliably outsource their production requirements with the guarantee of quality, efficiency, and speed.

Our services enable our customers to save on precious time and capital, and to focus on other business development activities that foster their growth.

Our state -of- the- art cutting machines use the best cutting tools and the latest optimizing software, which ensure the highest quality, greatest accuracy, and highest yield from panels. Single panels or production runs (up to 5 panels simultaneously) can be cut with rapid turnaround.
Edge Processing
This service is critical as it clears any micro chipping in the panels and seals them. This is of both functional and aesthetic importance. A quality edge protects the panel from exposure to the elements and thus ensures its longevity. Further, a well-matched edge discretely wraps the panel for a more authentic appearance. Our edges are of the highest European quality and are typically a perfect match to the panel décor thus yielding the highest results. KASS uses EVA and the technically superior PUR adhesives and can process PVC, ABS, PMMA, veneer, and solid-wood edges, which allow us to cater to all edging needs.
Routing, Drilling & Boring
The service requires the highest degree of accuracy as the slightest of errors is easily noticeable in the final product. KASS has therefore employed the latest CNC technology to execute any drilling, boring, grooving, or routing requirement with perfect precision.
This service is the culmination of all our other services. To ensure an uncompromised final product, KASS offers an assembly service that joins the pieces together with top-quality fittings and accessories.
Specialized Products
This service targets specific customers with highly specialized requirements such as acoustically enhanced spaces and layout partitions. Harnessing KASS’s experience and know-how, unique materials are used to develop custom-made products that cater to projects with special requirements.
Time Line
KASS has developed a stream-lined and customer- focused process that simplifies decision making and ensures consistent quality and timely delivery.
  • Design
  • Order Pack Development
  • Quotation
  • Production
  • 1
    Our experienced designers aid in realizing your vision. Offering expert advice and alternative solutions, the design team readies the plan for your approval.
  • 2
    Order Pack Development
    The approved design is analyzed to identify the order’s technical requirements. The services to be used and the number of panels, edges, fittings, and accessories are quantified to develop the ‘Order Pack’.
  • 3
    The ‘Order Pack’ is verified by our production manager and sent for pricing. A quotation for the order is issued for your approval.
  • 4
    The order is efficiently produced in our state-of-the-art facility with several quality control checks before and after each stage of production. The finished material is packed and readied for your inspection and pick up.
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