Yaya’s heartwood is dark brown or purplish and has an indistinct yellowish or whitish sapwood. It’s texture is medium to coarse with a straight and irregular grain. It does not have a distinctive odor.


Heartwood is a light yellowish brown. Yellowish sapwood isn’t always defined from heartwood. Lati is sometimes called White Wenge because of the similarity of its grain patterns to Wenge, particularly on flat sawn surfaces (in both cases, this is due to very wide bands of parenchyma throughout the wood). The pale yellowish color tends to darken to a more golden yellow over time.

Available Thicknesses:
1" (25,26mm), 2" (50,52mm).

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Working Properties

The wood is difficult to saw because of its high density and toughness. The material is reported to work with difficulty, but it can be planed to a smooth surface. The material is reported to respond well to turning, moulds well but it requires very sharp cutting edges for best results. Carving is reported to be difficult because the wood is hard and tough.The wood has good gluing properties. Pre-boring is necessary to prevent splitting. Screwing is reported to require pre-boring. Sanding characteristics reported to be very good, and sanded surface are clean and smooth. The wood has good polishing characteristics. The material is reported to take stains well. Varnishing properties are rated as satisfactory. Painting properties are reported to be very good. Response to hand tools is reported to be poor.

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Main Uses

Construction, Doors and Furniture components.

Wall Paneling
Surface Photo
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  • Sawing
  • Drilling
  • Carving
  • Screwing
  • Gluing
  • Finishing

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