ABS Edgebands

ABS Edgeband is a thermoplastic edging product with protective and decorative properties for finishing the narrow sides of wood based panels. ABS Edging is made of ABS and is uniformly coloured through. A universal bonding agent (primer) is applied to the reverse side as standard. ABS Edgbands are good electrical insulators and possess high surface and volume resistivity.


ABS Edgeband is an impact resistant, mechanically and thermally robust, high grade thermoplastic with a positive eco balance. For the last 20 years this chlorine-free plastic has been successfully used in the furniture industry. The outstanding application, processing and disposal features of ABS contribute to its broad market penetration, in particular, in furniture production.

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Working Properties

Product attributes include high viscosity, notch impact strength, impact resistance, bending strength and surface hardness.  After 24 hours of exposure they remain resistant to staining and to almost all household cleaners.
The surfaces are wipeable, hygienically safe and moisture-resistant.

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Main Uses

Is used to finish the narrow sides of laminated wood-based materials such as chipboard, MDF, HDF and Lightweight boards and provides the perfect finishing touch for all decorative surfaces. ABS Edging tape is also suitable for finishing individually shaped freeform furniture components.



  • Sawing
  • Finishing
  • Boring

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