Continuous Pressure Laminates (CPL)

CPL is made of a number of special paper, impregnated with resin layers squeezed under high temperature and pressure. 
The upper decorative surface is covered with a transparent film which gives the surface additional scratch resistance.


CPL has been specifically designed as an external decorative cladding panel and gives you maximum design freedom and the ability to emphasis 
architectural features in everything from natural hues to bold, rich colors.

Price*: $$$$$

Working Properties

The term CPL provides a clue to the manufacturing process; CPL is produced in continuously-operating double-belt presses with a compression force of between 30 and 70 bar and temperatures between 150°C and 170°C. Depending on the thickness of laminate and the length of the pressing zone, the feed speed may vary from 8 to 15 m/min.

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Main Uses

Doors and Furniture manufacture, especially for the Kitchen Cabinet Doors or Baths and Benches, Office Furniture, School and Hospital Equipment, Interior Partition Walls and Sports Halls.

Wall Paneling


  • Sawing
  • Finishing
  • Boring

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