HPL Faced Panels

HPL Faced Panels offer flexibility and versatility for the contemporary office environment with a wide variety of aesthetic options including color, texture and style.


HPL Faced Panels offer flexibility and versatility for contemporary spaces with a wide variety of aesthetic options.
High Pressure Laminate(HPL) overlays provide a three-dimensional, decorative and highly durable finish that allow for space-saving systems to be aesthetically pleasing, easily interchangeable and functionally integrated into any indoor living environment.

Price*: $$$$$

Working Properties

HPL Faced Panels are lightweight, interchangeable and can be easily removed and replaced to update or enhance the general appearance.
It is used to improve resistance to abrasion and to protect the printed image of decorative papers.

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Main Uses

Manual system carriages and platforms, as well as static shelving, Normally specified for high-use applications like counters, desktops and laminate flooring.



  • Sawing
  • Screwing
  • Drilling

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