Polyester Faced Panels

Polyester Faced Panels is an engineered wood product whose surface is covered with a layer of decorative paper. After the paper is coated with unsaturated polyester resin, the surface is covered with the thin layer of plastic film to serve as a protective layer.


The protective layer is available in different colors, such as white, beige, etc. 
Polyester Faced Panels is widely used in the furniture and decoration industries.

Price*: $$$$$

Working Properties

Easy installation, light panel can be cut to any shape and can be installed on the wall or ceiling.
High sound absorption, fire resistance, heat preservation, environment-friendly: non toxic, without any glue or formaldehyde and moisture-resistance: in the wet environment, the panel can be anti-fungal.

* Relative price within product category

Main Uses

Home theater, Bedroom, Living room, Meeting room, Inner Home Decoration, Furniture Face, Temporary Construction Decoration, Movie or TV Scene Decoration, and other Decoration.



  • Sawing
  • Screwing
  • Drilling