PVC Edgebands

PVC Edgeband is produced in a multitude of sizes and colors to match a wide array of HPL Panels and Melamine Faced Panels.


PVC is one of today’s best known and most common plastics. Edgebands have been manufactured from this material for the furniture industry also for more than 40 years, due to their outstanding materials properties, proven very successful.  Especially the excellent processing characteristics of PVC have contributed to its penetration of the furniture manufacturing market.

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Working Properties

Resistance to abrasion:
The surface of printed PVC Edgebands is sealed with UV-hardened acrylic varnish to give a scratch-resistant finish. The printed patterns also have excellent resistance to scratching and abrasion.

Ball indentation/shore hardness D:
PVC also scores excellent surface hardness pursuant to DIN EN ISO 2039-1 or DIN EN ISO 868.

Resistance to warp under heat:
With a withstand value of 80 (± 2)°C as per Vicat B 50, PVC Edgebands are ideally suited for use in the furniture industry and for interior fittings.

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Main Uses

Decorative edge trim for interior furniture & shelving.



  • Sawing
  • Finishing
  • Boring