Kattan Foundation

The Kattan Foundation was established in 2002 as a charitable organization dedicated solely to fulfilling the social responsibilities and sharing the values of the Kattan Group as well as the Kattan family as a whole.

The Kattan Foundation is committed to work that strengthens the community. Youth empowerment, the preservation of the environment and the support of the underprivileged form the cornerstones of its charter. As part of its drive to empower local youth, the Kattan Foundation is proud to sponsor vocational schools such as the Schneller Vocational Center and the Deaf and Mute vocational center. Centers such as these provide young individuals with income-generating skills, which in turn help them build brighter futures for themselves.

On the environmental side, the Kattan Foundation works to curb the impact of deforestation and desertification in the country by planting trees and promoting environmentally-friendly policies. Since its establishment, the Kattan Foundation has sponsored several tree planting initiatives around Jordan and has been a staunch supporter of the Greater Amman Recycling Project spearheaded by USAID.

Looking forward, the Kattan Foundation is keen on maintaining its support of local youth and the protection of the environment in Jordan and aims to soon expand its program into other fields.

For more information about the Kattan Foundation or to support its mission, please e-mail us at 

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Planting trees and promoting environmentally-friendly policies


Supporting the activities of the Schneller Vocational Center