Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood is a special type of plywood that can be easily bent without breaking into pieces. This can be very useful for creating any type of furniture that should have curved surfaces.

Raw Panels



Flexible plywood has a specialized construction, allowing it to be easily bent to shape. 

The arc formed by the bend is perpendicular to the grain direction of the face and the exact bending radii have to be determined in accordance with the type of surface finishing required and the extent of the surface to be treated.  The bending radii will vary according to the thickness.

Working Properties

Flexible plywood is a form of plywood that is extremely flexible. It doesn’t show any resistance to bending or rolling and can be twisted or curved into any shape without chipping, cracking, or peeling, which is not possible with regular forms of plywood as they tend to break upon bending or twisting. Flexible plywood with maximum flexibility can be easily flexed or bent by hand and the bending radius will vary according to the thickness of the sheet. Flexible plywood's unique trait is it lends itself to almost any curved contour without losing out on its strength and stability.

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Main Uses

As the name goes Flexible Plywood is used for making flexible furniture or structures. The furniture of eighteen century was mostly of curved structures



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